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We’re passionate in helping teenagers succeed in life, find their purpose, and develop a strong relationship with God. We understand the importance of reaching the youth. Ignite Youth is much more than just pizza and video games.

Youth Leaders:Jeremy & Shelly Dennis

•Meets on Sunday nights  at 6PM




The teens (and adults) had a blast at the Ignite Lock-In!
A huge thanks to our special speaker, Nick Reynolds, from


NEW NAME! The teens took a vote and now have a new name! The word IGNITE means to cause burn, to begin to glow, to set fire to, arouse or excite feelings & passions. That's what we want. To ignite the passion for Christ in the teens' hearts and lives so strong that it spreads throughout their families', friends, schools, and to the world!

Our motto is...
Ignited God's limitless light! Through Christ anything is possible!


Congratulations to David, Matthew & Jonathan Elliott. They have been sworn into the US Army National Guard. They will be doing their training this summer. We are so proud of all of you!

Prayer Requests:

•Natty-Bug: Speak healing into her body. Cancer is gone.
No radiation, strength in her body and for her family.

•Jason O'Brien: Cancer to leave his body, healed and whole in Jesus Name. Strength to his body and for his family. For God to show himself to him.
•Pastor Scott & Mrs. Kevie: Blessings & Favor, healing and strength to their bodies.

•Pray for growth in our church! Every seat filled!

•Confess everday multiple times a day that YOU ARE BLESSED AND HIGHLY FAVORED BY OUR AWESOME GOD!

What's happening in IGNITE this month:
The Holy Trinity
The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

Prepare by reading and studying:
1 John 5, John 10:30, Isaiah 6:8, Matthew 3:16-1, Matthew 28:19

Here are a few pictures from the Ignite Youth Night! It was a BLAST!




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